Lyon 2017

9th International
Shared Decision Making conference in Lyon, France,
July 2nd - July 5th, 2017











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Patient orientation and patient participation in medical decisions are becoming
increasingly important in Germany. Most patients wish to be more explicitly involved
in treatment decisions during dialogues with their physicians. can be seen as a portal for patients, physicians and other
health professionals as well as academics.
Its aim is to foster shared decision-making (SDM).


We wish to provide information for patients and physicians as well as other health
professionals and ease their path towards implementing SDM.


We would like to network academics and provide them with a platform upon which
to exchange information.


For these reasons, is designed in an interactive manner.
We hope for a lively participation in discussions on our blog.



Yours faithfully, Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Härter

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Update: 26. Jan. 2017