Lyon 2017

9th International
Shared Decision Making conference in Lyon, France,
July 2nd - July 5th, 2017











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Shared decision-making for physicians


Patient-centred communication as a precondition for SDM:

A positive and sustainable physician-patient relationship is an important prerequisite for SDM (Towle A, Godolphin W. Framework for teaching and learning informed shared decision making. BMJ. 1999. 319(7212):766-71.).

The medical encounter should take place in an atmosphere of trust, in which patients feel listened to and accepted in terms of their questions and concerns. This makes it easier for patients to open up and address their concerns and doubts to the physician. The success of the communication and a credible implementation of SDM thus requires a patient-centred and relationship-centred attitude on the part of the physician (Ford S, Schofield T, Hope T. Barriers to the evidence-based patient choice (EBPC) consultation. Patient Educ Couns. 2002. 47(2):179-85.)


SDM in medical education and training:

Through an increased importance placed on the theme within the medical degree, medical students and prospective medical specialists are sensitised to SDM and encouraged to carry this concept into their professional activities.


SDM in advanced medical training:

A further focus lies on the advanced training of physicians. In 2007, a Manual for Patient Participation (at this time only in German) in medical decisions was developed, which imparts the approach of shared decision-making with the help of a booklet and a DVD with four consultation examples.

The offer of CME-certified advanced training, e.g. in the form of online advanced training on SDM or a specially tailored training program on the theme of SDM for oncologists, was well received (Bieber C, Nicolai J, Hartmann M, et al. Training physicians in shared decision-making-who can be reached and what is achieved? Patient Educ Couns. 77(1):48-54. Epub 2009.).

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