Lyon 2017

9th International
Shared Decision Making conference in Lyon, France,
July 2nd - July 5th, 2017











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Decision aids


Here, you will find a collection of decision aids in German and English. Many thanks to  – where you will also find decision aids in further languages.

There are several factors that should be taken into account when using decision aids: Click here.


Decision aids in English:

Further interesting decision aids in English can be found under, for example for arthritis, breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer and much more.

Additionally, there are several sites that provide decision aids for further illnesses and decisions:



Decision aids in German:

Breast cancer:

Breast-preserving therapy or breast removal


Breast cancer early detection /screening:

Breast cancer early detection

Information on early detection examination with mammography


Colorectal cancer early detection /screening:

Decision aid colorectal cancer



Therapy for dementia (dementia guidelines)



Brief information for patients with depressive illnesses

Decision aid for the treatment of depressive patients


Cervical cancer early detection /screening:

The HPV vaccination: Should my daughter get herself vaccinated? Should I be vaccinated?

Decision aid | HPV vaccination

Decision aid | Cervical cancer | HPV


Cardiovascular diseases:

Absolute and Relative Risk Reduction: Individual Counselling in General Practice (for physicians and patients together)


IGel guide:


IGeL Monitor [Individual health services not covered by health insurance] 

Evaluating IGeL based on scientific knowledge



Understanding osteoporosis – preventing bone fractures


Prostate cancer early detection/screening:

PSA test – Does it make sense? A personal decision aid

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